Friday, August 2, 2013

Venus Sourcebook May Be Next!

The cover for the Venus Sourcebook.

The Space 1889 Kickstarter project is turning out to be pretty exciting. It's at about 195% funding of the original goal with only a bit over a third of the funding period gone, so it's at the point where Clockwork Productions et al are adding additional stretch goals. Since the Venus Sourcebook unlocks (becomes available) when they hit about 225% of their original goal, I'd say the odds are very good. I know from years of experience that Venus is the world gamers asked about most concerning additional material.

This level of support for the game is very gratifying on a personal level. I imagine a lot of you know that Space 1889 was the only role-playing game I designed which I retained control of when GDW closed down. I had control of all of my work, of course, but much of it I sold or licensed almost immediately. That was business. But Space 1889 was also personal for me, so it's renewed success now makes me feel nice and warm inside.

There's more news on the literary front as well. I'll fill you in on that tomorrow or the next day.


  1. This is certainly an exciting development. Please keep us posted, Frank!

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