Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Upcoming Conventions of Note

Here are some upcoming conventions which may be of interest to Space: 1889ers.

I'm flying down to Orlando this weekend and will be guest of honor at Hurricon. The show runs from September 22nd through the 25th, and I'll be running a number of games of Mars Needs Steam using Frank Frey's collection of miniatures. Frank's been a Space: 1889 buff since the first edition came out way back when. I'm sure I'll end up giving one or more informal talks as well. Here's the convention website link.

In October I'll be heading out east to the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society's Fall In convention, October 28-30, Halloween weekend. (BOO!) I won't be running Mars Needs Steam that trip as we'll be previewing our new historical miniatures rules Men Under Fire. That's a close cousin to Mars Needs Steam, since they use the same basic combat system. Here's the link for Fall In.

I'll probably take November off, but if you're in the mid-west, consider the Kansas City Game Fair, November 10-13. There will be a number of Space: 1889 role-playing and miniatures games running there and the convention guest of honor will be Bill Reger, author of Pinnacle Productions' Red Sands, the Space: 1889 sourcebook for the Savage Worlds role-playing game. By the way, I didn't mention it earlier, but Bill's Space: 1889 book won the Gen Con EN World (ENnie) Best Role-Playing Supplement Silver Medal this summer. Congratulations Bill and everyone at Pinnacle who made that such a great product. Here's the link for the Kansas City Game Fair.

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