Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Abattoir in the Aether" Live Tomorrow!

L. Joseph Shosty's "Abattoir in the Aether" goes live tomorrow at Untreed Reads and world-wide. I'm sure I'll have an exerpt for you soon to whet your appetites. I also have a guest blog from the author about how he came to Space: 1889 and writing, and I think you'll find it a good read. I'll post that tomorrow when the book officially launches.

In the mean time, Untreed Reads' December bestsellers were announced a couple days ago and we have two Space: 1889 and Beyond entries in the top ten: Andy Frankham-Allen's "Journey to the Heart of Luna" at number seven and K. G. McAbee's "Vandals on Vens" at number ten. Congratulations, folks!

No new release for the series in December, unfortunately, due to the holiday crunch, but we have Louis Shosty's book coming out now and that means "A Prince of Mars" is next. It's in final proof-reading, so my guess is early February. I have finished my rewrites on J. T. Wilson's "Dark Side of Luna," the book-length finale to the first season, and it will go to proofing soon, so hopefully it will follow close on the heels of "A Prince of Mars."

For all of you who have read the series, take some time if you would, go on, and review the books you've read. I'm not trying to game the system here -- give the books an honest review. When my own "Prince of Mars" comes out, give it an honest review. If you don't like it, review it anyway. (Just use a pseudonym so I can't send my sinister minions after you.)

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and is ready to face 2012 recharged and anxious to change the world for the better, even if it is one honest act, or one honest piece of writing, at a time.

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