Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sky Galleons and Flying Gunboats

I await Highlander Studio's upcoming 15mm figures with an unseemly anticipation. In the mean time, the above picture is of a beautifully executed Space: 1889 armored flying gunboat in 25mm from Alan Patrick’s Victorian & Pulp Science Fiction gaming page. One of the reasons I look forward to 15mm figures is the increased ease of construction (and use in games) of exactly this sort of vessel. I kit-bashed about a half-dozen vessels in 25mm myself, and was fortunate to be able to use a beautiful 25mm-scale HMS Aphid built by Tom Harris, an HMS Reliant-class cruiser built, armed, and manned by Rich Houston himself (of Lizard's Grin and Houston's Ships), as well as a Hull Cutter and another screw galley converted from a hand-built Roman galley, and several cloudships converted from pirate ships of various provenance. Great, great stuff, and we had tons of fun at game conventions putting on games. I admit, though, it was tough to transport. 15mm scale vessels and vehicles will be easier.

Check out the link to Alan's page above. It has other photos of some very nice Martian cloudships.


  1. Wow! What incredible work! Thanks for sharing it Frank.

  2. They really are some beautiful ships and figures, aren't they?

  3. I remember seeing them at Salute and was wowed then. They were so popular we couldn't get close to a game :-(