Sunday, May 22, 2011

Untreed Reads Series Go For Launch

As I said earlier, e-publisher Untreed Reads is assembling a series of ebook to be released over the next eighteen or so months, entitled Space 1889 and Beyond. The title does not mean it will go beyond the Space: 1889 universe -- it is firmly grounded in that rich and wonderful place. It simply means the continuing adventures will ultimately extend beyoind the year 1889.

The first story (hopefully) will be released in late summer. Friend of the blog Andy Frankham is the editor for the series, and will be writing at least one of the stories. Many of you will remember Andy from his work on the great Noise Monster Space: 1889 audio series.

We'll have a more complete release before long, but in the mean time here is a link to the new Facebook page for the series.

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