Monday, July 22, 2013


Congratulations to Patric Götz of Clockwork Productions, Angus Abranson of Chronicle City, and everyone else who has worked on the new Space 1889 project. It went live on Kickstarter at 6PM on Wednesday night and by Sunday morning had met its funding goal. As I write this on Sunday evening it is at 111%. Once it gets to 120%, the first stretch goal--the 32-page adventure "The Order of the Invisible Eye" by John Wick--will unlock, with more to follow that.  This is terrific news for the game and thanks to all of you who joined in to help put it over the top.

Thirty-four more funding days left.

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  1. Congratulations indeed! It shows widespread liking for the system is out there. In this new era of Steampunk, I'm sure it'll spread wider yet.