Friday, May 25, 2012

It's A Small World After All, Part 2

About a month or so I reported on blog readership and how I was surprised at an increase in Russian readership, which had pushed the Russian page views into second place, surging past the British. Inhabitants of the sceptered isles can rest easy; the previous redership pattern has reasserted itself. As cosmopolitan as the world is becoming due to the internet, there is still the matter of language, and as universal a language as English has become (whether American midwest, Oxford, or any version in between) it still helps to speak it as a primary language in order to enjoy a blog, or so it seems to me.

Here are the percentage breakdowns for the readership over the course of the last week, rounded to the nearest whole number:

United States: 65%
United Kingdom: 10%
Germany: 5%
France: 5%
Canada: 4%
Netherlands: 4%
Australia: 2%
Sweden: 2%
Russia: 2%
New Zealand: 2%

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