Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Game Pictures!

The game pictures (judging from page view counts and comments) are a popular feature, and why not? Everyone likes cool toys. Not only is it good for the soul to see other people having fun, the vignettes and conversions can often spark your own imagination. So here are some more shots from the event at the Historical Miniature Gaming Society Mid-West convention Little Wars last month. This time the emphasis is on hardware in action.

The foliage slightly obscures the barrel end, but here a Fenian gun crew mans the lightning cannon, plugged into its generator truck. This was a major asset for the Anarchist epedition but it never seemed ti be able tio hit anything -- the result of some very unfortunate die rolling.

Here is a back view of the Belgian walker, which you've seen before, advancing in support of some Belgian colonial troops. The trees in the shot, as with most of the trees in the terrain, are made from various bits found in the flower arrangement departments of craft stores. You can find some wonderfully exotic-looking stuff there for alien terrain.

Here's the same scene from the front. I do like how that walker came out, and not least because it was so little work.

The Japanese had two of these small walkers. The figure is from Parroom Station and is very nice, with a Gatling gun for a left arm.

Here's a nice view of Tom Harris's German walker in action. Aside from the common legs, you'd hardly know it was converted from the same model as my Belgian Walker. Also just visible in the lower-right corner of the picture is a German naval gun crew and their horse-drawn gun limber. Having horse-drawn (animal-drawn in the case of the Martians) vehicles alongside the more exotic ones adds a lot to the look of the game, in my opinion. The German scientific party is behind the walker. The piece of terrain behind them is from the acquarium department of a pet store. That's another good source for some great terrain pieces. I dry-brushed the piece with red to make it blend a little better with the other terrain, but it's subtle and does not show up in the photo.


  1. Great Pictures! The conversions are always inspiring.

  2. Where did you get the walker model? It's awesome.

    1. Joseph, thanks! The walkers are both conversions from a Star Wars game miniature I picked up in a remainder bin. There are a whole bunch of these interesting Star Wars game pieces which make interesting Steampunk vehicle conversions, and you'll see more of them in future blogs.