Thursday, April 12, 2012

Abney Park -- Steampunk Revolution

For those of you primarily into gaming and/or reading -- and I think that's most of you -- I've suggested before there's a whole other steampunk world out there. Here's a nice taste of it, a really arresting music video from the renowned steampunk band Abney Park. Definitely worth a look and listen.


  1. I've been following Abney Park for the last few years, they're great and they fit the genera to a tee.

  2. Yes they do. If someone wonders what steampunk is all about, in the broader sense beyond fiction and gaming, you can almost point them to Abney Park and say, "That."

  3. They also have a roleplaying game by the title of, "Airship Pirates" from Cubicle 7. The setting is based off of their songs and the band collaborated in the game's creation.

    1. They also have a novel coming out based in the world. If you go to the website you can listen to a sample chapter read by Captain Robert, the band's frontman and lead vocalist.