Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Blog Worth Following

J. Womak, Esquire, friend of this blog, has his own blog entitled Victoria's Boys in Red. As you might imagine, it deals with things military and Victorian, with a heavy emphasis on miniature gaming and modeling. The above picture of his new steam tank, HMLS Suffolk, is one of his recent blog entries.

This month he is starting a regular daily feature entitled Victorian Science Fiction A to Z, with tomorrow seeing the first entry. As you'd guess, tomorrow's entry will feature the letter "A" and so on until he's reached "Zed." I've added the web address to the main links. Should be worth following.


  1. Mssr Womack's blog has been a favourite of mine for many years - smashing stuff!

  2. Thanks, gentlemen. I've asked Stevens to set out the good cigars - the Havanas, you know - do have one when you drop by. Can't recommend the Port, though. Poor stuff, simply didn't travel well.

    Just wait until tomorrow's post on the A to Z, Frank...

    1. I blush. Thanks very much for including me in this listing!