Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's A Small World After All

I'm always interested in where my readers come from, both geographically and philosophically. The software for the blog hosting service I use gives me some insight into that, and I though you folks might be interested as well. In the last week there have been approximately 1200 page views to the blog and for the first time (I believe) the United Kingdom has been edged out of second place as the country of origin of viewers by -- drumroll please -- Russia.

Добро пожаловать, мои друзья!

This is not necessarily a breakdown of the nationality by headcount, of course, but rather by pageviews. If we've had a growth in new Russian readers, they may be catching up with a large number of looks at older pages. On the other hand, a very high proportion (over a third) of the total pageviews in the last week have been of that great artwork for the upcoming German RPG, so it's hard to tell for sure.

Here is the approximate percentage breakdown of pageviews based on country for the last week. It doesn't quite come out to 100 due to rounding, but close enough. I find it very interesting that almost half of the pageviews are from non-US readers. Steampunk is clearly an international phenomenon.

USA -- 56%
Russia -- 11%
UK -- 9%
Germany -- 5%
Sweden-- 4%
France-- 4%
Canada -- 3%
Spain -- 2%
Australia -- 2%
New Zealand - 1%

For my Russian readers, in Dark Side of Luna (which will be live any moment, I am told) I think you will particularly enjoy the character Lieutenant Gurayev of the Lifeguard Jaegers. He does not appear until the closing chapter of the novel, but he makes quite an impression in his short time "on page".


  1. Likewise on my blog I have been visited from friends in Russian too, which is good to see.

  2. Fascinating! A big Russian faction in my stats of late, too...

  3. I do hope I haven't changed his name now. ;)

    1. Editors! Harumph.

      Well I hope so as well, but what's in a name, after all? A rose would smell as sweet, and a Gurayev would be as snarky, by any other name.