Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mars Needs Legos!

A Martian screw galley built from . . . Legos? Yes friends, that's right. This beautiful Martian cloudship, perhaps based on a Hullcutter design, was built by the talented Ingo Siekmann. I really like this!

Here is a link to a whole gallery of pictures of this wonderful toy ship.


CORRECTION! December 4, 2012

I misunderstood the original posting. Ingo Siekmann did not build the ship, he found the website with it and re-posted it. He sent me the following:

"Mr. Chadwick, there seems to be a misunderstanding. I did not build this model, I just stumbled upon the picture in another blog. The ship - and many other models - were build by a Portugese hobbyist
called Paulo Castanho, who mantains a great gallery."

And here's the link to Paulo Castanho's gallery. Terrific job, Paulo!


  1. I`m not sure, but i think Ingo only found the picture an don`t build this ship by himself. In my opinion it is from the portugiese Paulo Castanho. I have some of his other steampunk-Lego-projects on my german Blog It is, naturally, in german, but pictures have there own language.

  2. this is one of the Paulo Castanho works, indeed.

  3. Hi

    I'm Paulo, the builder of this MOC (My Own Creation in AFOLS language).

    Many thanks for showing my work.


    1. Great job, Paulo! Glad I finally got the credit right on this very cool ship. Now if only I knew what AFOLS meant in AFOLS language. (Amazing Fans Of Lego Stuff?)

  4. AFOL - Adult Fan Of Lego

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