Monday, March 26, 2012

Better Pictures From Cold Wars

I apparently made a mistake uploading the pictures in the previous post. I (ahem) uploaded the thumbnails instead of the actual pictures. (I thought they looked pretty grainy.) So here is a better set of pictures. This will be a longer post with a bunch of items. First up are vehicles.

This is an excellent view of the new German armored steam walker Tom Harris did based on the same original model I used for the Belgian walker, but very heavily modified. Those are German colonial troops to its left and a couple Venusian schutztruppen to its right (our left) , led by a German NCO. A German officer brings up the rear with his Venusian lacky hauling his baggage.

For reference, here's my Belgian walker supporting some Belgian colonial infantry. Tom's looks remarkably different, doesn't it? And of course it represents a heavier, more powerful vehicle.

Here is a much clearer view of the lightning cannon and its generator truck, as well as Fenian gun crew.

These are the two small Japanese Walkers, unmodified models from Paroom Station.

Here's my French Auto-Mitailleuse supporting a detachment of Garde Rouge infantry in field kit (but still sporting their red shoulder straps).

A closeup of my clockwork spiders. Nasty buggers, and quite devlish.

Okay, these are not exactly vehicles, but close enough. Here are three ruhmet breehr used to tow Martian artillery.They are converted from dollar store toy rhinoceri. Tom says it was an easy conversion since they started out as the worst rhinoceri he'd ever seen.
Now here are some figures.

A unit of German sailors gets stuck into melee against Martian shield gunners. I'm not sure that's such a great idea, myself. One of the League of Pear-Shaped Gentlemen looks on.

Here is my new unit of Evil Minion equipped with electric rifles. The globes on their back pack generators sort of blend in  with the ceiling lights behind them, but you get the idea. These are Paroom Station figures.

More evil minions and also from Paroom Station, these being the Smoke Stalkers. The sinister heat ray truck is in the background.

Here is the Geisha from the Japanese hunting party menaced by the loathesome gnoe shoshu.

Last but by no means least, here's the Japanese hunting party. It's perhaps a little heavy on geishas. Oh well.


  1. Nice eye candy, thanks for sharing!

  2. Very nice - thanks for the bigger pics!

    1. P.S. Any update on Mars Needs Steam development?

    2. Mars Needs Steam is coming down ther home stretch. I'll be running it at Little Wars in the Chicago area in a couple weeks and will run several demo games at Historicon out in Frederick, MD this summer. The rules will probably come out in the fall. We're still polishing a little bit, but it's real close to print-worthy.

    3. Great to hear. Judging from the photos, it is using one figure per base. Will it be broadly compatible with Soldier's Companion style units?

      Please excuse the questions but I am in the process of painting and basing a load of figures and would hate to have to re-base the lot come the fall. ;)

    4. Pat, it is individually based and units are ten figures, with "aspecialist" units five figures. For the most part these are gun crews but also include sappers, hunting parties, and boiler suit units. There are individual leaders and special characters in addition to the units -- officers, scientists, guides, etc. So that's very close to Soldiers Companion as to units.

  3. I have one of those big lumbering Star Wars figures and sense it getting a boiler in the very near future.

    Did you scratchbuild the hatch or buy it somewhere?

    1. It really is a very useful and versatile model.

      The hatch for the Belgian walker is actually a hinged gunport from a company which sells age-of-sail fittings and accessories for 25/28mm ship builders. I forget the company, but there are a lot of firms out there which sell useful bits like this.

  4. Oh. I have seen a deck hatch in the Reviseco catelog, but also have several shipbuilding sites bookmarked. I'll check there. Thanks.