Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An Incredible Model Zeppelin

If you like Steampunk, it's hard to imagine you don't have a soft spot for zeppelins. I sure do, ever since the 1971 film Zeppelin with Michael York and Elke Sommer -- and probably long before, but that's what sealed the deal. Well, the 1986 Miyazaki film Laputa/Castle in the Sky really sealed the deal, by why quibble?

I recently was directed to an amazing link which shows dozens of pictures of a 28mm zeppelin as it was built, step by step, by two brothers. It's for a 1930's pulp game, rather than a Victorian steampunk game, but agin why quibble. A cool zeppelin is a cool zeppelin. The picture at the top of the page shows the forward section in an early stage of completion. The one below shows the same section from a different angle and a little later in the construction.

The girders are made with heavy card stock and the exterior panels appear to be cut from cerial boxes. That's a great forward obervation bay, isn't it? There are a couple 28mm figures in the picture as well to give you an idea of its size.

Since this is a 1930's model it includes an aircraft hanger and biplane fighter painted in German markings. That's not relevant to Steampunk exactly, but check it out when you visit the site. They did a really nice job.

Here a close-up from the passenger lounge in the complete model. I love the attention to detail and it's followed throughout this massive model. I think the little model zeppelin in the lounge is a nice touch.

Finally, here's a long view of the completed model. Of course there is no top half as it's used as a complete game environment. Here the link. Check it out by all means.


  1. It's an amazing piece of workmanship/art. I had the pleasure of following the progress of this model on the Lead Adventurer forum. I can see this design easily being adapted to Steampunk games.

    BTW, Colonel O'Truth is working on a model set to surpass his walker, constructed last year. If you haven't had a chance to check out his progress and plans, follow the link... :)


    1. AJ,
      I did look in on it just yesterday, and it is magnificent so far. Once he has it done I'll certainly do a blog posting covering it it, but good heavens! When will he make an end?

  2. The movie that comes into my mind is The Assassination Bureau starring Oliver Reed and Diana Rigg fighting Telly Savalas on this Zeppelin.

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