Friday, November 11, 2011

This Just In - Ghosts of Mercury Live!

Oh . . . wait. That should read "Ghosts of Mercury IS live." :^)

Jay Hartman, Editor-in-Chief at Untreed Reads Publishing, writes:

"I'm pleased to tell you that Ghosts of Mercury is now live and available for immediate purchase and download from:

The Untreed Reads Store (

Amazon Canada

Amazon Germany

Amazon France


Barnes and Noble

Apple iBookstore (32 countries)

Lightning Source (a distributor, primarily North America)

"All other retailers and distributors will roll the title out in the days and weeks to come. As always, we appreciate you sending traffic through The Untreed Reads Store or Apple's iBookstore whenever possible. This ensures the best royalty for everyone involved. . . . We do offer MOBI (Kindle) format at The Untreed Reads Store, which can then either be emailed to someone's Kindle account or transferred directly to a Kindle device via USB."

Great news.

Book 4, Abattoir in the Aether, and Book 5, A Prince of Mars, hopefully should be coming soon, although we'll leave a decent interval for you to devour Mercury first. (Hmmm. Having written that, it occurs to me it doesn't sound very healthy.)

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