Saturday, December 17, 2011

Abattoir in the Aether Coming Soon

We have a final cover for Abattoir in the Aether, by L. Joseph Shosty, and so the book itself should follow soon. Abattoir takes place on an orbital heliogragh station, but not one in planetary orbit. Instead Peregrine station is in solar orbit between the orbits of Mars and Earth so it can relay messages between the two planets when they are in orbital opposition, or close enough to it the worlds are not visible in the night sky. Of course, there's more to the station than simply that . . .

Abattoir in the Aether is Book 4 in the first season of Space: 1889 and Beyond stories. Book 5, of course, is my own A Prince of Mars, and no little kid anticipates his Christmas presents more than I wait for that one to appear. Oh boy!


  1. hmmm,
    Personally I'd put a backup heliograph in high orbit over Venus, the lower orbit (of Venus) means less time occluded from either planet and if Mars is in Opposition its a closer travel path.

  2. Andrew,
    Venus is next in line for a station. They were trying something out with this one which required some seclusion, although that is not central to the plot of this novella.