Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Nice Space: 1889 Minitures Blog

Here's a good Space: 1889 miniatures blog by Keith Frye, combining battle reports with conversions, painting tips, and reviews of Space: 1889-suitable figures, all with good photos. It's called Burning Sands of Sytris Major. Snappy title.

There's a recent review of RAFM Martian irregulars, which is timely. I'll have some good news about the RAFM line of 25mm miniatures soon. But in the mean time enjoy this blog. Here's a link and I've added it to the permanent links.


  1. Hi Frank,

    Thank you kindly for the endorsement. I'll be working my way through the subject of the French on Mars for the immediate future, with the occasional break dealing with the British and Germans.

    Keith F.

  2. I really liked your article and the photo is super. Thanks you.

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