Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mars Needs Steam at CelestiCon

I'll be attending the CelestiCon Game Convention out in San Francisco (actually Fremont, CA, but close enough) over the Labor Day weekend. This is my second year as guest of honor at the convention and I look forward to it as more fun than work. It's a great part of the country and a very friendly convention staff and crowd -- all very welcoming.

I'll be running Mars Needs Steam as well as Men Under Fire (my new World War II skirmish rules) along with a lot of help with troops and terrain from Rick Schuldt. When it comes to terrain and troops, Rick's a true artist. We're shipping a number of vehicles and special units out, however, so some of the Mars Needs Steam game will look at least a little familiar.

I'm also giving a couple talks while I'm out there, one on Secrets of the Battle of Borodino (along with old friend Dana Lombardy) and the other on my revisionist and (I am sometimes told) controversial views on Alexander's conquest of the Persian Empire. I also just got word that Dave Nilsen, one of the old crew from Game Designers' Workshop and just about the best game designer/developer I ever worked with, will be there as well. If you're in the area it's definitely a show to attend. Hope to see you.

Here's a link to the convention homepage.

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