Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Brits Are Here From Highlander Studios

Rod of Highlander Studios released his first British 15mm Space: 1889 infantry at Historicon, the British Firing Line. As nice as his personality figures are, the bulk of the figures you'll put on the table will be grunts, and you can't have a proper army without the Poor Bloody Infantry. Here are two looks at the new castings.

Front view. I love the detail and annimation on these figures, as good as a lot of 28mm.

Back view. This shows the detailing of the kit nicely.

Here's the link to the Highlander Studios Space: 1889 online store.


  1. Those look tremendous! Very nce indeed.

  2. Beautiful figures! (and I am a die hard 25mm fan!) I see the beginning of a Hordes of the Things army to face off against my dollar store dinos....

  3. Wow! Just seen these - very nicely done and impressive for 15mm, but as Pat G mentioned, 25mm for me too.