Thursday, August 4, 2011

Surviving Steampunk Conventions

This is a subject about which I am shockingly ignorant, never having attended a full-blown steampunk convention. That is a reflection of the troll gene which most writers have. In some writers it is more recessive than in others, but most of us find ourselves most comfortable when we are within 10 yards of our word processor, preferably in a dark cave or under a bridge. However, I expect I will end up going against nature and attending one or more steampunk events over the course of the next year, so I had better bone up on this stuff.

For those of you flirting with the idea, here is a link to a Steampunk Convention Survival Guide on the steampunk site Parliament and Wake, which has other interesting bits as well. Worth a look.

On the other hand, I watched LA Story again the other night and it may have the best advice on this subject: "Let your mind go and your body will follow."


  1. Hi! Just discovered your blog. I've been a fan of Space 1889 for a while, and I am glad to see the whole Steampunk movement is helping to bring it back. Though I don't think I'd ever go to an actual Steampunk convention.
    I heard a funny definition of Steampunk once. "Steampunk is what happens when goths discover the color brown."

  2. Welcome, billionsix. Yes, good comment. I've actually seen that on a tee-shirt.

  3. Attend an actual convention, Frank? Perish the thought! That would involve speaking to others, shaking hands, and (gulp!) posing for photos! You're a much braver man than I.

  4. Actually, I've been going to an absurd number of conventions lately, including a mini-con I'm l;eaving for tomorrow, and September cons in San Francisco and Orlando. But none of them are Steampunk conventions. Those are, I suspect, horses of a different color. (Or is that "colour"?) :^)