Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Transactions of the Royal Martian Geographical Society

The Heliograph, Inc. has prduced, under license from me, facsimile versions of the original Space: 1889 game line for a number of years. Before that Mark Clark published Transactions of the Royal Martian Geographical Society (TRMGS), a wonderful magazine devoted to Space: 1889, and in about 2000 The Heliograph took over the magazine. Each issue contained a broad mix of articles -- historical weaponry, technology,and social mores,  historical characters, Space: 1889 short fiction, campaign reports, and additional world background.

Here are the feature articles found in issue six of TRMGS

The Syrtis Star
Tsarist Mars
Raum: 1889 – Germans in the Ether
Tools of Ill-Omen
The British Honour System
Martian Thunder Jugs
Gatling Guns and Camels
The New French Ether-Cruiser
Xavier Crumb and the Black Gang
The Trap Door Springfield
Death From Above: Units for Steampunk 1920
The Absent-Minded Inventor
The French on Mars

Every issue was like that -- full of little nuggets and gemstones. If you missed it the first time around, you should give yourself a treat. These are available as collections -- each volume has four issues -- and are available in hard copy or electronic PDFs. I just picked up a couple of the PDFs because when I'm working on Space: 1889 stuff it's a lot more convenient to have all the reference material on my hard drive than it is to haul around a bunch of books and still never have the one I need when I need it. You know what I mean.

Check out the Heliograph link.


  1. All on my hard drive a long while ago,they like the source books are the foundations of my games.But I'm waiting with baited breath for new material coming this year from yourself Sir :)

  2. DLI, soon you will have what you desire and be able to draw breath again!

  3. Thanks for the mention of TRMGS, Frank. My friends and I really enjoyed putting that publication together. Our goal was really to fill in the edges of the Space 1889 game world, creating information about stuff that was only mentioned in passing in the original books. I also liked writing up our campaign - I'm not sure how well all of that holds up these days, but I hope it has provided at least some inspiration to others.

  4. Mark, The enjoyment shows through in the finished product. One thing I always harp on for writers is "respect the material." You and your friends clearly did, and it stands up very well.