Saturday, August 6, 2011

Space 1889 And Beyond Season Pass

Untreed Reads is launching the first season (yes, there will be more!) of Space 1889 And Beyond with a nice promotion, The first series consists of six books total; five novellas and then a novel-length final installment, all of which will be out by the end of the year. You can buy a season pass for $15.00, which gets you all six books as they come out, which is about a 25% saving off the list price. The season pass is only available direct for Untreed Reads, however, and is only available for purchase until September 1, 2011. Passholders will receive a coupon code via email upon release of each title to download their copy.
Authors for this series include Andy Frankham-Allen, J.T. Wilson, K.G. McAbee, Mark Michalowski, L. Joseph Shosty and , of course, yours truely, Frank Chadwick.

For the Season Pass, all titles will be available in HTML, PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats

Here's the link to the Space 1889 and Beyond Season Pass page.

I'm pretty new to the EBook field, but these base prioces ($2.99 for a novella and $4.99 for a full-length novel) sound very reasonable to me, compared to the price of EBooks I've seen from other sources, and that's before the Season Pass discount.

We've been getting good advanced coverage in Steampunk Tribune (see the link section), and I'm getting very excited about the launch.

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  1. It sounds like a jolly good deal. I shall look into it.