Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hill Martians from Highlander Studios!

Rod at Highlaander Studios sent this pictures of the new sculpts of Hill Martians. The photos are a little burry, but they still look good to me.

Energetic Hill Martians with halberds (known there as "coddling-choppers"). Notice the coin for scale. It's always hard for me to remeber that these are 15mm figures.

Hill Martian women with coddling-choppers. When a nomad encampment is attacked, everyone picks up a weapon and lends a hand.

A close-up of another Hill Martian pose.

Judging by his gear and his weaponry, I'd say we have a Hill martian war chief here.

Here is a painted grouping of the British Wilderness Adventurers.

And, of course, the American Wilderness Adventurers.

As always, very nice stuff, Rod.


  1. Originally, coddling-choppers were two-handed swords. Have they changed, or is that a mistake?

  2. You know, you're right! That's what comes of writing from memory. Coddling-choppers were indeed two-handed swords.

  3. Of course, it was the Canal Martians who called them that. Who knows what Hill Martians used the term for. (How's that for fancvy footwork?)