Friday, August 17, 2012

Video Look at the New German Space: 1889

Uhrwerk Verlag has released the limited-edition hardcover version of their new Space: 1889 game. The general market version should be close on its heels. Here is a nice video preview of the game from their web site. It's in German, of course, but you can enjoy the pictures.
Here's a link.


  1. Quite interesting. (My highschool German was sufficient to understand these gentlemen's clear pronunciation.) In our campaign, Germany has had a major presence. The Kaiserreich is a dynamic power with plenty of ambitions and we have even had the restless emperor appear as an NPC once.

  2. Great news:
    In this interview( ), Markus Plötz of the Uhrwerk Verlag said, that the german core rulebook of Space:1889 was (and is) a surprising success:
    And he explained, that they already have further plans with Space:1889: They work on a Venus source book und three adventure books; source books of the Mars, the Earth, maybe one of the asteriod belt and a book about Equipment, Technology and Inventions are planed too( sources: The Uhrwerk-Forum )
    Well, (for a German like me, who loves the setting and the German Core Rulebook ,too) these plans are quite promising :)

    1. They really did an outstanding job with the core rule book. I have a guest blog from Patric in hand and will be running it in a few days.